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GDPR article mapping to RDBMs feature availability

To close the article series on GDPR and available features in each of the four database systems reviewed, I was made aware by a few acquaintances that a more clear mapping between the actual regulation text and the itentified tasks, along with the features available on each database system would be very helpful. This is the purpose of this article and I hope it will be of help to everyone trying to map.. Read More

GDPR demystified – Part 2 : Oracle

In the previous post we talked about GDPR and how it could be enforced in the scope of SQL Server databases. We now cover the same topic but with Oracle databases in mind. Please refer to GDPR Data Security requirements  as stated in the post. We will religiously walk the same task and activity structure for all RDBMs we cover. Let’s move fast to the identified GDPR tasks and requireements and then the.. Read More